Month: February 2016

Research and Publishing and Rants, Oh My!

  • On 25/02/2016

I just came back from the Symposium on Communicating Complex Information (SCCI) put together by Mike Albers at East Carolina University. It’s a small gathering that ensures you have lots of time to talk about ideas. I’ve used that space over the last few years to talk about research, or as Mike teased me, rant […]

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Group projects in the classroom

  • On 14/02/2016

I often tell the story of how I came to higher education after a long career as a consultant. But the story that I usually keep just for the classroom is the one where I tell students, right before their first team assignment, how I totally and completely failed miserably on the first few projects […]

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Journals, Counting, Value & Knowledge

  • On 06/02/2016

Lemme just say that the recent news that College English and Composition Studies are taking a short hiatus from accepting publications has set the academic writing studies world all a flutter.  I can’t say that I feel as though the sky is falling, but it is somewhat symbolic of some of the larger structural problems […]

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