Month: January 2018

Failure to engage

  • On 23/01/2018

Since the first phase of a research project was published (see practitioner/academic research), and as I’m wading into the weeds for the next couple of parts, I’ve had the opportunity to read closely–again–a lot of academic scholarship. It’s not a secret that I’ve been ranting about the state of research in the field for several […]

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Job market data

  • On 05/01/2018

**updated with new data and more text 5 March 2019 I’ve been tracking the job market for several years. Building on Cook & Rude, 2003 and Cook, 2006, we had a stalled start at finishing the longitudinal piece to the original job market study (which would have been based on 2010-2011). But we got some […]

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Keywords for 2018

  • On 01/01/2018

Without exaggeration, the last six months have been incredibly difficult. I can think of two other times in like, some twenty odd years ago, that were this hard. Knowing I made it through then give me strength to know that I will get to the other side of this period too. But the kicker of […]

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