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Bittersweet Changes

Exhale. And just keep breathing.

That’s what I’ve told myself lately because there’s been a lot going on in my life over the past year–some good, some not so good. But that is life 🙂

Today, though, I want to share some big news. I will have a new academic home come Fall, 2017. I have accepted a job offer to join the faculty at University of South Florida. While this brings with the hope and possibility of many new things, it also brings with a moment of sadness. The University of Cincinnati has been a wonderful academic home to me, and it enabled me to do some wonderful things. I will forever be thankful and carry with me many fond memories. More so, the friendships I have made in Cincinnati will remain an indelible part of my being, today and forever.

Moves in mid-career have much more at stake and are often much more personal than moves before tenure, and I am no different. But, sometimes there is just a moment when you know that you need a change. For me that moment was this past year. It wasn’t any one thing; it was a sneaking, slow creep of the feeling that I needed to do something different, and more importantly, do it somewhere else.

And it is no secret to anyone (those in Cincy and anyone who knows me) that I love hot weather and I have missed the beach with an intense longing.

So today, this post, is a pause to say a public thank you to UC and those people who have been instrumental to my success and instrumental to my well being. And it is a pause to say publicly how grateful and excited I am for this next opportunity at USF.

To the future.



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