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Managing Email

  • On 12/08/2019

Email is often the bane of our daily lives. I have struggled with it for a couple of years in part because of trying to figure out a better system and then much of this year has been a readjustment since my long time email address had to be retired.** Through all of these trials […]

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2019-2020 Faculty Office Hours

  • On 25/07/2019

We had such a good time and great response in the first two iterations, we’re going to keep holding faculty office hours. This is a space for those teaching, administering, or researching in the area of technical and professional communication. Especially if you’re the only one in your area of feel like you need another […]

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Tech Comm Specialist

  • On 28/06/2019
I have been looking at the academic job market in technical and professional communication (TPC) for years. I was originally working with Kelli Cargile Cook to finish the longitudinal study she started with Carolyn Rude way back in 2002, but both our lives intervened and here we are with data and no conclusion point (yet!). [...]
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Affective Investment

  • On 13/06/2019

In the contingent faculty project, my collaborators, Laura Wilson and Mahli Mechenbier, and I were trying to theorize the disconnect between contingent faculty’s love of their job and there unhappiness with the unfairness they often experience. We felt that aspects of emotional labor were not comprehensive enough to account for all the aspects of this […]

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Masters’ Data Points

  • On 30/05/2019

In a recent thread on Facebook, there was a question about what master’s programs in TPC looked like. This overview of master’s programs from 2009 is still pretty accurate holistically, but since I am slowly and steadily (think turtle scholar here) working my way through finishing up my longitudinal study of TPC programs, I do have some updated […]

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