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Ethics of Reading

  • On 20/01/2016

Casey Boyle posted on facebook about the need for scholars to be better about reading. He followed up that brief post with an extended and thoughtful blog post on “something like a reading ethics.” His initial post on facebook had to do with scholars who aren’t actively engaging with other scholarship when they write. And […]

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Extending conversation networks

  • On 10/08/2015

Quick hit post: One of the things that I like about twitter is its spontaneous nature, which is one of the things that many people fault it for. It’s often a quick hit exchange that helps to inspire,  Quick, relevant, and spontaneous! So why i am going to the trouble of pointing out the painfully […]

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Intersections at the Ivory Tower

  • On 07/08/2015

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for years. It was going to be a gift to myself (so to speak) when I was tenured and promoted (not because I was afraid or concerned with speaking out, cause for those that know me, that is a completely moot and almost ridiculous point), but one thing […]

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