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Affective Investment

  • On 13/06/2019

In the contingent faculty project, my collaborators, Laura Wilson and Mahli Mechenbier, and I were trying to theorize the disconnect between contingent faculty’s love of their job and there unhappiness with the unfairness they often experience. We felt that aspects of emotional labor were not comprehensive enough to account for all the aspects of this […]

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MA-MS Degree Data Points

  • On 30/05/2019

In a recent thread on Facebook, there was a question about what master’s programs in TPC looked like. This overview of master’s programs from 2009 is still pretty accurate holistically, but since I am slowly and steadily (think turtle scholar here) working my way through finishing up my longitudinal study of TPC programs, I do have some updated […]

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Scholarly shifts

  • On 13/01/2019

On Friday, I received my copy of Professional Development in Online Teaching and Learning in Technical Communication. It is a compilation of two special issues of Technical Communication Quarterly that focused on online writing. I was fortunate to be in both special issues so two of my articles are reprinted in this collection. (and yes, […]

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Looking forward

  • On 01/01/2019

I was recently reminded by one of my dearest friends in higher education that I needed to be certain that I was doing things that made me happy. The good/bad part of this job is that there is much ability to frame the job and career in ways that you want. It is so easy […]

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Embodied temporality

  • On 29/12/2018

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Purdue University in the fall as part of their Hutton Lecture Series, which occurs every other year. My lecture was the Jim Berlin Memorial Lecture. And I had a great time talking with the faculty and the students about all sorts of things. It was one of […]

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