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Survey research

  • On 12/06/2018

I’ve done a lot of ranting about surveys lately on twitter. (If you’re interested at all, just get on twitter an search my handle @lmeloncon and surveys.) I’ve continued these rants in print in two forthcoming publications: one  about empirical research in the field and about doing programmatic research in the field. But as it […]

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  • On 19/04/2018

“But people talking to people is still the way that norms and standards change.” Atul Gawande  Something has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s been simmering in my head since before ATTW and the CCCCs, and then experiences at those two events and some subsequent online conversations helped to congeal some of the […]

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Publishing ecology

  • On 18/03/2018

In rhetoric scholarship, ecology is all the rage. As a one-time, pseudo environmental scientist, I definitely can appreciate ecologies both literally and metaphorically. So today, I’m going to invoke that term to talk about publishing and reading and access. Let’s call it the publishing ecology. As I’ve said before, technical and professional communication isn’t really […]

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Programmatic Locations in TPC

  • On 18/02/2018

Another installment of some data that will be more fully presented with some (hopefully) sharper analysis in the “book” on programs, I wanted to share it hear since so often people are concerned with the location of programs. Historically, TPC programs emerged in English departments because that’s where people who were interested in TPC and […]

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Failure to engage

  • On 23/01/2018

Since the first phase of a research project was published (see practitioner/academic research), and as I’m wading into the weeds for the next couple of parts, I’ve had the opportunity to read closely–again–a lot of academic scholarship. It’s not a secret that I’ve been ranting about the state of research in the field for several […]

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