Online Writing Instruction

Committee for Effective Practices in Online Writing Instruction

I’ve been part of this committee for six years (and am one of the longest serving members), and we are one the busiest committees at the CCCC. Our committee page will provide full information on our charge and link you to the data and reports we’ve generated. While the CCCC executive committee did not renew our committee after the 2016 meeting, we are still working toward our overall goals through a Standing Group affiliated with the CCCCs and a new international organization, GSOLE (Global Society of Online Literacy Educators).

The primary goal of our committee is to learn about online writing instruction and provide research on what makes effective online writing instruction. I joined the committee as a technical and professional writing representative (along with Sushil Oswal from University of Washington-Tacoma, who also happens to be a UC alum!)

I am proud of the contributions we’ve made to the broad writing studies field with the publication of the OWIPrinciples and the Foundational Practices of Online Writing Instruction book.

My work on this committee also lead to the publication of Paying Attention to Accessibility, which I wrote with Sushil Oswal, and this article was selected as the 2015 Distinguished Publication by the Association of Business Communication.

With GSOLE, I am co-chair of the research arm, and I also a member of the editorial board of ROLE, which will be the journal of the organization. It’s first issue will be in 2018.

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