Rhetorics of Health and Medicine


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There really isn’t a whole lot of reason for me to repeat here the stories that are repeated elsewhere. So if you’re interested in health communication, medical rhetoric, discourses of health and medicine, or whatever term you like, go on over to medicalrhetoric.com.

Be certain you read the front page of that site and the About page and then you can go take a look around at the Symposium pages. And be certain you read the About page for the Symposium 2015 since that’s where we tried to capture the story about how I “volunteered” to host the symposium. We’ll be coming back together in the early September, 2017, too!!

No matter the back story or how it happened, I said out loud in 2013 in a room of around 50 people that hosting the symposium was one of the most rewarding and selfish things that I’ve ever done. Rewarding because it was wonderful to bring people together and to watch that community stay together and grow over the last two years. It was selfish because I always wanted a place to call my own, to be surrounded by others who did work like mine, and I got that.

Look for the brand new journal, Rhetoric of Health and Medicine, to be published by University of Florida Press. Blake Scott and I are excited to bring you the first issue in early part of 2018.

I remain honored and humbled to be trusted with the task to help bring us together and I look forward to seeing where we go next.

You can follow the community on Twitter with the #medrhet hashtag; you can join us in Facebook in the group, Flux: A Space for Rhetoricians of Health and Medicine; or you can join the list serv (Join or Check the archive)


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