uc_logo    I hold a partial administrative appointment as Director of the McMicken Health Research Center in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), which has the goal to increase collaborations between faculty in A&S and between A&S faculty and other faculty on campus. Like many large institutions, all those researching in and around health and medicine could do better jobs of collaborating with each other. That’s what we’re trying to do.

It’s a fairly new endeavor so I’ve spent the last year simply trying to get an understanding of the landscape, that is, what faculty are researching, what are their barriers, and what are their needs around the research enterprise. Related to the MHRC, I sit on a number of committees to represent the interest of the faculty and the College.

The Taft Research Center is a gem at UC, and I co-direct the Medical Humanities Research Group; I also chair on the Publications Awards Committee; and I am a member of the Executive Board.

As a long time advocate of experiential learning, I have for the last seven years sat on the Service Learning Advisory Council among other roles I have taken on.

In addition, I am actively involved in our Professional Writing program. You can learn about my programmatic work in the teaching section.

For all the nitty, gritty details of my university service, download my CV.




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