I came to UC after 15 years working as a technical writing consultant. Most careers demand that writers draw on different skills to fulfill a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. Throw in changes in technology and the life as a technical/professional writer requires flexibility and adaptability. One of the strengths of our program is that we allow students to customize the curriculum to fit their individual needs, while still teaching the range of skills required to adapt and change throughout a writing career.


It’s likely that you’ll take a production-centered course with me that will put theory into practice. We often work with outside clients or on discreet portions of one of my research projects. Students have co-authored publications with me based on topics we’ve covered in class.  I’ve been fortunate to be recognized for my teaching with the Boyce Award and admission to the Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learning, which is a peer nominated and University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees appointed honor.


CET&L involvement