PWRT 7045/ENGL 3069

Learning Outcomes

 Students will be able to
  • Assess the needs of the client’s purpose and proposed audience and apply that assessment to the design of the website
  • Demonstrate basic competence in using web design software, such as Dreamweaver
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic web page creation, including X/HTML and CSS, as well as publishing pages properly to a web serve
  • Use information design, graphics, and cascading style sheets to format and position HTML elements for functional and aesthetic purposes
  • Discuss their work in critically informed ways drawing on the vocabulary of web design principles
  • Conceive and carry out a web design projects to include the production of a website

Course Description

Students will learn concepts and techniques of web design including standards-compliant web page creation using X/HTML and CSS, web usability and accessibility. Students will gain hands-on experience in several tools and apply the theoretical knowledge to a comprehensive project.university_web_design copy.

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