Material Work Conditions of Contingent Faculty

Melonçon, L., Mechenbier, M., and Wilson, L.  (2020). A National Snapshot of the Material Working Conditions of Contingent Faculty in Composition and Technical and Professional Communication. Academic Labor: Research and Artistry, 4(1).
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GRAM Continuous Improvement Model

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Editing Courses

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Empirical Research in TPC

Melonçon, L. and St.Amant, K. (2019). Empirical Research in technical and professional communication: A 5-year examination of research methods and a call for research sustainability. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 49(2), 128–155.

Methodologies for RHM

Melonçon, L. and Scott, J. B, (eds.) (2018). Methodologies for the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine. New York: Routledge.
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