Certificate Programs in TPC

Melonçon, L. (2012). Current overview of academic certificates in technical and professional communication in the United States. Technical Communication, 59(3), 207-222.

Purpose: This paper provides a current overview of graduate and undergraduate academic certificates in the U.S. It details information about the current number of certificates, requirements, and courses, both required and elective.

Method: The study employed qualitative inquiry methods based primarily on textual analysis and the deployment of codes to assign a summative attribute for course types.

Results: The field presently offers 110 certificates, which represents a growth rate of 186% for graduate certificates and a growth rate of 191% for undergraduate certificates.

Conclusion: Certificate curricular data show that, unlike other degree programs, there is still no consensus on what a certificate should be and what courses should be required. Questions are offered to help the field start conversations about certificates.