Errors in Professional Writing

Gubala, C., Larson, K., and Melonçon, L. (2020). Do writing errors bother professionals? An analysis of the most bothersome errors and how the writer's ethos is affected. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 34(3), 250-286.

 This study asks whether grammatical and mechanical errors bother business

professionals, which of these types of errors are most bothersome,

and whether such errors affect perceptions of the writer and their ethos.

We administered a 17-question survey to roughly 100 business professionals

whose roles are not primarily writing and communication within

organizations. The findings show that business professionals are bothered

by these errors and that the level of bothersomeness has increased from

previous studies. Additionally, the findings show that participants have clear

views of writers who make errors and that the context of the error matters.

The authors conclude by offering implications for technical and professional