GRAM Continuous Improvement Model

Schreiber, J. and Melonçon, L. (2019). Creating a continuous improvement model for sustaining programs in technical and professional communication. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 49(3), 252-278.

In what follows, we describe the need for a deeply sustainably programmatic
perspective that addresses Johnson’s (2004) call for reflective cross-programmatic
work, and we discuss the limitations of current assessment practices, which
illustrate the need for a new type of programmatic evaluation model. Basing our
work on continuous improvement models from industry, we provide a rationale
for their use and then propose a programmatic continuous improvement model
(called GRAM [Gather–Read–Analyze–Make]). We end with two cases to show
how GRAM can be used in TPC programs. This model is flexible and adaptable
enough to be used by different types of programs, as evidenced by the authors’
different circumstances, and it can help ensure the sustainable growth and
development of TPC programs.