Mentoring Model

Sullivan, P., Simmons, M., Moore, L., Melonçon, L., and Potts, L. (2015). Intentionally recursive: A participatory model for mentoring. Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Design of Communication. ACM SIGDOC

Technical Communication as an academic field is complex and in

need of well-mentored faculty. This article reports on an initiative

to improve mentoring of faculty and practitioners that has been

underway for three years. We have focused on listening to needs

expressed by women in Technical Communication

(#womeninTC), comparing what they expressed about their

experiences and needs to literature on mentoring models, and

developing resources that do a more comprehensive job of

addressing their experiences and needs. Our goals are to improve

mentoring in ways that are sustainable for faculty and working

technical communicators at the same time as we grow a sturdier