Melonçon, L., Graham, S., Johnson, J., Lynch, J. and Ryan, C. (Eds). (2020) Rhetoric of health and medicine as/is: Theoretical foundations for the field. Columbus: Ohio State University Press.

Rhetoric of health and medicine (RHM) has emerged as a distinct area of inquiry within rhetorical studies. It is one that embraces multiple disciplinary orientations that examines discourses and practices in a diverse range of contexts. This wide-ranging collection of attempts to address the binal orientation of what RHM offers by considering RHM as a theoretical construct guiding research and thinking alongside the conceptual parameters that constitute what RHM is. Both perspectives are central to establishing RHM’s understanding of how knowledge about the body is conceived and conveyed and the strategies by which healthcare professionals, industry agents, governmental representatives, and consumers are engaged in shaping the healthy and diseased body in a variety of social contexts.

Aimed to reach both established scholars and newcomers to the field, RHM As/Is presents the doing of RHM scholarship in a wide range of settings employing a continuum of methodological frameworks. Readers will appreciate the rich introduction to the dual perspective offered by the collection, the thoughtful responses to essays provided by prominent RHM scholars, and the afterword that speculates on the future of RHM, both as and is.

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West, T. (2021). [Review of the book Rhetoric of Health and Medicine As/Is: Theories and Approaches for the Field, by Melonçon, L., Scott Graham, S., Johnson, J., Lynch, J. A., & Ryan, C.]. Communication Design Quarterly, 9(1), p.35—36. 10.1145/3437000.3437004