Workplace Mentoring Model

Melonçon, L., and Potts, L. (2020). Recursive participatory mentoring: A new model for mentoring women in the workplace. Technical Communication, 67(2), 54-67.

Purpose: Few organizations would question the importance of mentoring, yet

mentoring is an under-researched aspect of technical communication. In fact, the vast

amount of research across disciplines points to the need for new models for mentoring,

particularly for women. This article offers a new mentoring model.

Method: A comprehensive review of the literature with a workplace case study provides

a foundation for a new mentoring model in technical communication, addressing the

limitations of current models.

Results: The literature review exposes weaknesses in current models for mentoring

women. The recursive participatory mentoring (RPM) model developed in an academic

setting shows potential for addressing these weaknesses, as shown through a workplace

case study.

Conclusion: Technical communication needs new and innovative mentoring models

to address the needs of women in the workplace. The recursive participatory mentoring

model we describe provides the flexibility to be implemented in diverse workplaces and

professional organizations. The model has shown initial success in providing women

access to sustainable mentoring through their careers.