TPC Book Series

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In March 2018, I was delighted to be named editor of the Foundations and Innovations in Technical and Professional Communication Book Series. Sponsored by the WAC Clearinghouse and University Press of Colorado, the goal of the series is provide TPC scholars and teachers high quality scholarship to use in their teaching and research and to do so by making new books available freely on the Web and in low-cost print editions.

We are the only open access book series in the field, and we are committed to an inclusive, generous, and constructive scholarly community. Part of this commitment includes mentoring and training the next generation of editors so I was delighted that Kristen Bivens (Harold Washington College) and Serena Huntsman (Boise State University) agreed to become Associate Editors.

We welcome proposals for projects that address research, practice, and/or teaching. Topics that are of particular interest are listed below, although these do not preclude submissions in other areas:

  • Workplace studies
  • Empirical studies
  • Intercultural and global perspectives
  • Technological issues to include surveillance, algorithms, critiques of technology, empirical studies on use
  • User experience and usability from a variety of perspectives and to include diverse artifacts or situations as points of examination
  • Sensory rhetorics to include the important of visual, auditory, kinetic, haptic, olfactory in the creation and delivery of information
  • Information design (broadly construed)
  • Theoretical work that includes a specific and direct connection to potential practice
  • Data-driven and/or quantitative studies
  • Pedagogical and programmatic research that is empirically driven, particularly studies at the field level and regarding transfer and that explore relationships within higher education such as with WAC/WID/FYC
  • Provocations and innovations to encourage pushing the boundaries of traditional topics and approaches

Projects in development

Since all projects–even those under advance contract–must get through the final peer review, I mention the projects below in something of the abstract. This way you can see some of the exciting things going on, as well as to get a better sense of the type of projects that the series is interested in.

  • Rewriting Work (*.pdf), edited by Lora Arduser and currently accepting proposals
  • Teaching Technical Communication (currently in the last round of peer review)
  • User experience as innovative academic practice (under advance contract waiting on final manuscript for peer review)
  • Methodologies, methods, and practices in TPC (likely a series of three volumes)
  • Articulating sustainable identities for TPC (currently in final round of peer review)