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Looking forward

  • On 01/01/2019

I was recently reminded by one of my dearest friends in higher education that I needed to be certain that I was doing things that made me happy. The good/bad part of this job is that there is much ability to frame the job and career in ways that you want. It is so easy […]

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Embodied temporality

  • On 29/12/2018

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Purdue University in the fall as part of their Hutton Lecture Series, which occurs every other year. My lecture was the Jim Berlin Memorial Lecture. And I had a great time talking with the faculty and the students about all sorts of things. It was one of […]

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More on research and practitioners

  • On 21/10/2018

When Tom Johnson released his results from a survey about academic/industry views of research in #techcomm, I had promised him a reply or rather, am engagement with some of the things that his survey revealed. In some ways, Tom’s survey was a follow-up to some of my work on trying to understand the value of academic […]

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2018-2019 Faculty Office Hours

  • On 24/08/2018

We had such a good time and great response, we’re going to keep holding faculty offices hours. This is a space for those teaching, administering, or researching in the area of technical and professional communication. Especially if you’re the only one in your area of feel like you need another perspective, faculty office hours gives […]

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ADE report and TPC

  • On 28/07/2018

tl; dr without doubt TPC tracks and minors (and even degrees) are the largest growth segment for English departments BUT those of us in TPC already knew this cause our data is a whole lot better than what the MLA generated understand the differences in the types of undergraduate writing programs. not only are there differences […]

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