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Faculty Office Hours

  • On 02/12/2017

One night on twitter, a group of us had a conversation about teaching and teaching practices and approaches to a certain course. The great thing about this conversation was that we teach at very different types of institutions, we’re at different places in our careers and yet, we had lots of things to say. As […]

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Random faculty data

  • On 26/11/2017

Here are some interesting data points that don’t really fit anywhere in some of the things I’m writing, or if they do, I’ll just post the big idea here and provided I get through peer review, you can read the rest of the analysis in other places. In any case, this is some quick hit […]

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Practice(s) of Research

  • On 11/11/2017

Trying to get the work life back on track, which includes trying to blog here more regularly. As some of you may know, I’ve spent the last seven years or so looking closely at programmatic data in  technical and professional communication (TPC) and talking to faculty and administrators. I’m diligently (and somewhat desperately) trying to […]

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Grief and Community

  • On 30/08/2017

As many of you know, my father recently died. I’ve had to say the phrase to convince myself that his physical body and presence is actually gone. See, for those that didn’t know my father, he was something of a larger than life personality. He lived big and loved big, but his life was one […]

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When it comes full circle

  • On 31/05/2017

Today, across all sorts of social media places and academic list servs, folks will see the official announcement of the launch for the journal, Rhetoric of Health and Medicine (RHM). While the journal already has manuscripts in review and we’ve talked to scores of people about developing their work, today is the official launch. It’s […]

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