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Programmatic Locations in TPC

  • On 18/02/2018

Another installment of some data that will be more fully presented with some (hopefully) sharper analysis in the “book” on programs, I wanted to share it hear since so often people are concerned with the location of programs. Historically, TPC programs emerged in English departments because that’s where people who were interested in TPC and […]

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Failure to engage

  • On 23/01/2018

Since the first phase of a research project was published (see practitioner/academic research), and as I’m wading into the weeds for the next couple of parts, I’ve had the opportunity to read closely–again–a lot of academic scholarship. It’s not a secret that I’ve been ranting about the state of research in the field for several […]

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Job market data

  • On 05/01/2018

**updated with new data and more text 5 March 2019 I’ve been tracking the job market for several years. Building on Cook & Rude, 2003 and Cook, 2006, we had a stalled start at finishing the longitudinal piece to the original job market study (which would have been based on 2010-2011). But we got some […]

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Keywords for 2018

  • On 01/01/2018

Without exaggeration, the last six months have been incredibly difficult. I can think of two other times in like, some twenty odd years ago, that were this hard. Knowing I made it through then give me strength to know that I will get to the other side of this period too. But the kicker of […]

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It’s true. I don’t grade.

  • On 17/12/2017

I hate to even get close to saying, “kids, these days,” but for those of us in higher education, something happened a few years back and teaching became a whole lot harder. There are hundreds of reasons for it and none of those reasons have any real research to back it up. So I’m not […]

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