This project is a longitudinal study that has examined programs in technical and professional communication (TPC) over the last six years. Gathering together what has become the most comprehensive data set ever collected, it provides a view of the field from a curricular vantage point that takes into account the field’s curricular history as well as its current make-up. This project extends and updates some of my published research.

Here is a map of US institutions that currently have a program in TPC.

By itself, this map, while cool looking, isn’t really that useful because it doesn’t provide any additional information about what type of degrees the institutions may offer or even going one step more and providing information on the degree requirements. The overall project, however, does do that. So as of this write this (2-5-2016), I am in the latter stages of writing and verifying for what seems like the millionth time the data and there is a database being built.

The project should be published by fall 2016 and the database will be available to the public.

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