This project is a longitudinal study that has examined programs in technical and professional communication (TPC) over the last (yikes) ~10 years. Gathering together what has become the most comprehensive data set ever collected, it focuses on a curricular view at the field-wide level by taking into account the field’s curricular history as well as its current make-up. This project extends and updates some of my published research. More so, it brings together all the data into one place along with some practical tools for administrators and faculty who want to start, update, build, and/or sustain programs in TPC.

These are a series of maps that display TPC degree programs at US institutions.

[maps forthcoming]

By itself, this map, while cool looking, isn’t really that useful because it doesn’t provide any additional information about what type of degrees the institutions may offer or even going one step more and providing information on the degree requirements. The overall project, however, does do that.

Once I finish verifying upward of 15,000 data points (cause it’s just me), the project will undergo peer review and the data will be available publicly.