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It’s more than Chaucer

  • On 07/12/2020

A persistent myth about the history of technical writing needs to be clarified. So that’s what this post is about.The myth I refer to is the long standing claim that Geoffrey Chaucer, better known for the Canterbury Tales, also wrote the first technical documents in English, Treatise on the Astrolabe. The Treatise has been dated […]

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Slow work

  • On 14/11/2020

For the last several years there have been an increase in publications and attention to the idea of slow research or slowing down the pace of university life. I have written before about what I refer to as the cult of overproduction, which is the unhealthy move to focus so much on publishing to the […]

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Research Contributions

  • On 06/10/2020

6 October 2020 Over the last few years, I’ve done meta-work into research methodologies and methods with the field of technical and professional communication (TPC) and in the rhetoric of health and medicine (RHM). I’ve said that methodologies and methods is a strand of my research that brings together my two main areas (RHM and […]

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Service orientations

  • On 05/06/2020

Life does indeed come at you fast….and sometimes you are forced to slow down and to reorient. Few people know all the parts of someone’s life. In higher education, it’s easy to believe that you know a lot about a person because of their scholarship or public interactions, but that’s never the whole story. We […]

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Let’s Focus on Evidence

  • On 16/05/2020

For a number of years, I’ve been researching through empirically based methods and methodologies what we’ve called the “attention-comprehension gap” (St.Amant & Meloncon, 2015). What this little theory says is that research has often focused to narrowly on “readability,” data visualizations, or document design, but has rarely brought these areas together along with a specific […]

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