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Thoughts on Revision

  • On 22/03/2020

Over the last few years I have come to realize that we—academics in general and writing folks more specifically—have made some pretty big assumptions about what revision is. Revision is the process of re-visioning a work. It means to go back to a work and examine it from a different perspective. Often, this process is […]

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Editing collections

  • On 03/11/2019

In my role as editor of the book series, Foundations and Innovations in Technical and Professional Communication, I am fortunate to get to talk to quite a few folks about their ideas. Many of these ideas are around edited collections. While I have written before that we need fewer of these, I am also aware […]

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Back to Accessibility

  • On 18/10/2019

While I’ve never really left accessibility, I hadn’t been able to focus on it as much as I wanted. I was delighted when Nupoor Ranade contacted me and suggested that maybe we should do a special issue on accessibility. it’s no secret that I do a few things, but Nupoor hit me at the right […]

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Annotated Job Ad

  • On 03/09/2019

This is an ad from the job market a couple of years ago that has been annotated with some comments about how to read it and what information can be gained from it as you prepare your own materials. Following the annotated job ad is a general overview of the parts—the paragraphs—of a cover letter […]

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Managing Email

  • On 12/08/2019

Email is often the bane of our daily lives. I have struggled with it for a couple of years in part because of trying to figure out a better system and then much of this year has been a readjustment since my long time email address had to be retired.** Through all of these trials […]

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